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Product #: JAMGRIDCA
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About This Style

With its simple form, Mrs. Jam Grid Cake is an uncomplicated companion, to which a large format round weaving adds that certain something. Inside, a simple striped lining rounds off the casual crossbody bag's low-key design. The highly vegetable-tanned premium cowhide has a characteristic wavy look and hand-made matt and shiny contrasts.

- main compartment with zip
- zipped compartment inside
- removable extra bag
- pocket for mobile phone
- lanyard
- removable and adjustable shoulder strap
- large format round weaving around the body of the bag
- striped lining
- collection: Grandma's Luxury Club

Dimensions: about 31 x 19.5 x 6.5 cm

The highly vegetable-tanned premium cowhide gets its typical crumpled look from a particularly gentle drying process. Manual finishing creates matte and glossy contrasts



About Aunts & Uncles Handbags

The aunts & uncles family has always been living by this motto until today. The starting point was the idea to create an opposite pole of today's fast-living and mass-production oriented society sticking to good old values such as trust, honesty, and loyalty. Thanks to this attitude, the more than likeable label from the Lower Rhine has designed wonderful bags for us with creative names such as Mrs Pancake, Mrs Muffin, or Mrs Mince Pie.

Since 2004, the young team of aunts & uncles has been producing bags that seem to be members of a big happy family because of their individuality but still constant simplicity and high quality. They are all made of robust and authentic materials, of leather with rough edges, ready to bear a lot and to live a long life. All bags are guaranteed to be manufactured under fair production methods, and the high-quality material exudes a sense of originality, obstinacy, and individuality. However, every bag makes you feel like meeting someone you already know, an old friend you do not want to leave your side anymore.

Whenever you buy an aunts & uncles product you buy a highly individual companion because the leather does not get its own special character until it is being used and carried. That makes the bags by aunts & uncles a bit more beautiful everyday. No matter which member of this big clan you choose, you are always aware that you want to allow yourself something truely unique and absolutely beautiful.

 And every owner of an aunts & uncles product is a member of the family. Every new member writes their own individual version of how the story continues and carries it into the world for everyone to see.