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Report a Problem

Are you seeing the wrong image on a product on your Apple device (iPhone/iPad/etc?)

If so, there some versions of iOS have known issues that cause images to be garbled or swapped on page. This could cause you to see one thumbnail for a product, but a different image when you go into it. To the best of our knowledge, Apple has not reliably identified or addressed this problem, and we have discovered reports on the Apple support forums of multiple customers having this issue across various websites on the Internet. The problem seems to be intermittent and random, and nobody has identified what causes it. That being said, this problem seems to occur the most with iOS version 9 (9.3.4 is a common version which reports the issue.) 

If you are using an iPhone or iPad to access the site, we recommend updating to the latest version of iOS on your device, (e.g. iOS 10 or higher) or trying a different browser like Chrome on your phone. If this does not resolve the problem, it may require using a different device, such as a different or newer phone, a laptop, or desktop computer.

We will be unable to troubleshoot this issue for you as it appears to be within the iOS software and/or Safari browser itself, and not a problem with our website, which has been inspected thoroughly and confirmed to be working correctly.

Use this form to report a problem you've spotted on our website - for example, missing or wrong images, incorrect descriptions, etc. Thanks for helping us make the site better!


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