Shipping Your Order

Every order, no matter the destination, is shipped with Canada Post with a card for pickup at your local postal office to the shipping address provided at the time of purchase. They have excellent service; they deliver to PO Boxes, ensure your parcel’s safety, and make us happy 🙂  

The reason we choose to ship with Card for Pickup, is to avoid your parcel being left unattended on doorsteps for porch pirates to steal.   If you have a parcel sent to your place of business, where someone is available to sign from 9am-6pm, Monday – Friday, please email us, and we will happily change the shipping label settings to allow for door-to-door delivery.  Please include the business’ name in your email so we can add it to your shipping label.

What are your shipping rates?

Due to our location in Northern Alberta, shipping can be pretty costly the farther east the parcel is going.  Because of this, we’ve had to increase the Free Shipping minimum for Eastern Canada.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but as a small business, it is the only way we can make ends meet.

Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan
Free Shipping at $225 (before Taxes)
$20.00 if less than $225

Manitoba, Ontario, Territories
Free Shipping at $250 (before Taxes)
$25 if less than $250

Quebec, All Maritime Provinces
Free Shipping at $300 (before Taxes)
$30 if less than $300

United States & Nunavut
$70.00 Flat Rate

$150 Flat Rate

When will my parcel ship?

Most regular priced orders to our website ship within one to three business days.  However, if you place an order on the weekend, it may not leave until Tuesday.  We tend to get a lot of orders over the weekend.  At the most, you will wait three-ish business days for your order to ship:)  Now, sale priced orders may take a bit longer… sometimes upwards of 10 business days.  It truly depends on order volume!

Please note that sale-priced orders purchased during ANY sale event may take upwards of 10 business days to ship.

You will receive an email with your Canada Post tracking number when your order ships.  You can reference this item number anytime at  If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder.  If it is not in your spam folder, email us at, and we will help you!  Please don’t ask us on Facebook or Instagram; for privacy reasons we will not share those details with you over social media.

When will my parcel arrive? 

Your parcel will be delivered within 2-14 business days depending on where you live in Canada.  For example, if you are in the Edmonton or Calgary area, it will likely be two-three business days…maybe less.  It will be about the same if you are in Saskatoon or Regina.  If you are in the BC Interior, Lower Mainland, or the Island,  it seems to be 4-6 business days.  Northern BC and Southern Manitoba seem to be upwards of 6 business days.  The further east or North you are, the longer things take.  Unfortunately, due to our location in Northern Alberta, getting things east and/or north in a speedy fashion is not possible.

States?  Oh my goodness, it will take 14-21 business days. Maybe less if you are close to the border.  International?  6-12 weeks…maybe more.  Please note we are not responsible for duties or customs charges.