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About This Style

Please note that this style is not featured on the shelves of our Grande Prairie home.  If you would like to try it on at our Grande Prairie home, please share the style name, color, and size with our staff when you visit, and they will be happy to pull it out of the warehouse for you.

Wrap yourself in luxury and tradition with our Wrap Mukluk, with a knee-grazing 17-inch Tall shaft that is adjustable to a circumference of 19.5 inches. It’s easy to imagine ancestors staying warm the same way—with luxurious fur wrapped around the leg all the way up to the knee—thanks to this design that has been passed down through the generations. As beautiful and functional in the woods as it is in the city, this head-turning mukluk is rated into the -30s as long as you are wearing socks and moving around:)

This style has the Glacier Grip Tipi Sole that will help keep you upright on icy days.

How do they fit? Available in American Full Sizes only, this one does fit somewhat true to size for length.  However, it does not have a waterproof membrane so the suede does relax with wear.  Most of us who have worn this iconic style in the past (who don't have truly wide feet) have preferred the fit of a size smaller in this style.  If you have never worn non-waterproof Mukluks in the past, you will want to try on a style in person to confirm what size you are most comfortable with. 

If you have truly wide feet, and/or a high instep, you likely will need your normal size in this style.  But still, best to try on in person to make sure!

Important notes:

We strongly encourage you to try them on with the thickness of socks that you will normally be wearing them with.  

Please consider applying a silicon-based all-protector prior to wearing them outside, as it will make them much easier to wipe clean.  As always, please follow the instructions carefully on the bottle to avoid any potential color change.

These styles have very flat footbeds, if your feet need corrective arch support, they will not work for you.

Cats and dogs love Rabbit Fur, so if you have pets please tuck these away in a closet.

This style is manufactured in Vietnam, not Canada.  I know that is a touchy subject for some folks, if you want to provide feedback please reach out to Manitobah Mukluks directly :)



Heel: Flat
Boot Height: 17"
Shaft Width: 16 - 19.5"

About Manitobah Mukluks

Manitobah Mukluks is a proudly owned Canadian company producing quality leather and suede footwear. The authentic moccasins and mukluks have a rich history dating back to the 1630's. In 1990, a small trading post was opened in Winnipeg for Aboriginal artisans to sell their handmade mukluks and mocccasins. Since then, the trading post has evolved into what is now Manitobah Mukluks. Craftsmanship, beautiful beadwork, and quality furs are truly what makes a Manitobah Mukluk.