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Searching by Shaft Width

Hold on girl, every boot fits different!!  Even if calf width has not been a concern for you in the past, we want you to make sure your dream boot is the perfect fit.  Especially since you are ordering online.  In the description of each item you are provided with 2 shaft measurements for each style of boot; width and height.  Since we measure the width of the boot at the top of the shaft, we need you to do the following prior to ordering.

1. Once you have determined the dimensions of your perfect boot, measure the height of that boot against your leg.  Start at the arch of your foot and go up from there:)  Make note of where that measurement lands on your leg.

2. Measure the width of your calf at that EXACT spot.  If that measurement is equal to (or even better, less than) the calf width measurment of your dream boot, then there is a strong chance that these boots will be perfect for you!!

Please note that our measurements are provided from a size 6/36 sample and it is common for the calf width to slightly increase with size.  If we have found it to be a drastic difference in calf width between sizes you will find a lovely little note about the fit in the item description.  If at anytime you are curious of what the calf width is at a specific size, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at

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